Lifting Frame for IBC Tank

Lifting Frame specifically designed for 1000 litre IBC Tanks.

Our lifting frame has been constructed to the highest standards using the best materials on offer. This product has been tried and tested using real life scenarios both onshore and offshore.

We are specialists for IBC tanks and fittings, any questions send an email or give us a call and speak to an IBC expert, we’re happy to help.


Additional information


IBC Lifting Frame:
Height: 1780mm
Deep: 865mm
Width: 1170mm

Large Tipper:
Height: 1150mm (front of frame) 1340mm (back of frame)
Length: 1240mm (1290mm including flared edges)
Width – 1000mm (1055mm including flared edges)


Product weight: 80kg



Key Features:

supplied flat-packed, easy to assemble in minimal time
modular design for easy transfer between sites
design compensates for C of G differences
design eliminates potential sideways slippage of IBC container
compact design for easy storage


These frames are constructed from steel which has a powder coated finish as standard.


supplied with Declaration of Conformity to all relevant standards
full individual certification package provided as standard
manufacturer's warranty (subject to conditions)


From stock. 2-3 days.

Environmental impact:

The product should have a long lifespan. The frame parts are reusable and recyclable,


We can supply the IBC tanks to go with these lifting frames.


IBC tanks or barrels not included.

We are the IBC experts with decades of experience, give us a call if you need any help.

Any questions. Phone us.


Lifting Frame for 1000 litre IBC Tank