Stand / Tipper Frame for IBC

Specifically designed with safety in mind.

The large frame is perfect for site water when you need to fill smaller barrel or containers. the tilt gives you higher flow. If you have a particular viscous material or expensive chemical these IBC tippers will help you avoid waste and help you get maximum yield from your IBCs.

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Additional information


Small Tipper:
Height (Front of Frame) – 500 mm
Height (Back of Frame) – 685 mm
Length – 1240 mm (1290 mm including flared edges)
Width – 1000 mm (1055 mm including flared edges

Large Tipper:
Height (Front of Frame) – 1150 mm
Height (Back of Frame) – 1340 mm
Length – 1240 mm (1290 mm including flared edges)
Width – 1000 mm (1055 mm including flared edges)



Comes with:

8 – 10 degree tilt to ensure the maximum amount of liquid can be dispensed from the IBC.
fish tails in the corners for stability
flared edges for ease of loading and offloading
a central bar for wooden and plastic pallet IBCs.
fork pockets for manoeuvring around the site when empty and unloaded
as standard the frame will come with the barrel attachment facility


painted blue


These tippers are made from a high quality steel which has a powder coated finish. Allow for a +/- 3% variation.


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Environmental impact:

These tanks are reusable and recyclable, they can be reused several times before being recycled. at end of use. Long lifespan.


We can supply the tanks and drums to go with these tipper stands.


IBC tanks or barrels not included.

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Stand / Tipper Frame for 1000 litre or 820 litre IBC Tank