Jumbo Water Butt – 500 litre

Sturdy 500 litre / 110 gallon jumbo water butt – non potable. All our jumbo water tanks are suitable for storage of water, rainwater and grey water.
Free delivery on the larger jumbo water tanks – ring to see if you are in a free delivery zone.

Any questions send an email or give us a call and speak to a tank expert, we’re happy to help.


Additional information


Ht: 0.7m / 2'4"
Diameter: 1.5m / 4'11"
+/- 3% variation


500 litres / 110 gallon




suitable for the storage of water, rainwater and grey water

Inlets and outlets:

Lid: 455mm
Want a tap fitted at a height to suit you? Just let us know when you phone as we can customise these tanks to your requirements.


Available in black/blue/green/natural white


quality mid-density MDPE polyethylene
corrosion resistant
UV stabilised
rotationally moulded
manufactured in the UK
100% rust proof
non potable


10 year guarantee (subject to conditions)


Direct from stocks normally so ready for collection or delivery to most postcodes. Free delivery on many of the large tanks – ring to see if you are in a free delivery zone. Stock items can be dispatched same day if you ring before 11am. Our normal delivery time is 2-4 days, though if you need it quicker we can often do so. If collecting, phone to confirm stocks as numbers fluctuate. Those not in stock have a short lead time – give us a call.

Environmental impact:

This is a tough and durable product that will provide many years of use, they are reusable and recyclable before being finally recycled. Long lifespan.

Optional Extras:

Choice of additional fittings/outlets available. You can choose to have a tap positioned wherever you would like or a hole cut for a down pipe or linking kit. Let us know when you order, tell us over the phone or email a drawing indicating tap location.
Plenty of the usual options available – float gauges, water pumps, linking kits, taps, hose spray gun etc. For everything you need see our fittings page and online shop or phone us.
If you need a potable tank that is not a problem, most of the Jumbos are available as a potable tank.


We have been supplying water butts and tanks for decades and can customised the tanks to your needs.
If you need jumbos suitable for drinking water just ask or take a look at our other capacities.

Any questions? Phone us.

What does potable or non potable mean?

Potable tanks – are suitable for storing water fit for human consumption and confirm to the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme). This includes the plastic not tainting the water that it’s holding.
Non-potable – are designed for the storage of non-drinking water and for everyday uses such as rainwater storage, agricultural spraying, gardening and industrial storage.


500 litre / 110 gallon jumbo water butt – non potable.