IBC Tank – 1000 litre new, anti-static, standard

Anti-static for liquids with a low flashpoint.
We are specialists for IBC fittings too, any questions send an email or give us a call and speak to an IBC expert, we’re happy to help.


Additional information


L:1200mm W;1000mm H:1160mm


1000 litres / 220 gallons




150mm screw top with a standard outlet




Manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). All palletised with a galvanized steel frame. Steel pallet. Allow for a +/- 3% variation.


Suitable for liquids and chemicals in packing groups II and III. These are high spec and able to take liquids up to a density of 1.9.


UN stamped. UN 31HA1/Y. Statements of Conformity available for these new tanks.
Manufacturer's warranty (subject to conditions)


From stock.
Next day delivery option – order before 11am for same day despatch. Two will fit on one pallet for transportation. If collecting, good idea to phone so we can get your tanks out ready for you. You can buy one or a truckload, delivery no problem to most postcodes

Environmental impact:

These tanks are reusable and recyclable, they can be reconditioned and reused several times before being recycled at end of life. Long lifespan.


food certified option available.
Vast choice of additional fittings and outlets available in our online shop.


We are the IBC experts with decades of experience. Food grade are suitable for immediate use for drinking water, cider etc. Can also be used as emergency tanks for milk.
These 1000 litre tanks comply with the rules for HGV training.


Anti-static 1000 litre /220 gallon – new IBC Tank
From a manufacturer committed to safety, efficiency, sustainability and a zero-administration system.