Wooden Crates – Large bespoke tight-boarded

Made locally to your specification.

Ideal for shipping, available in a huge range of sizes, these were made for the Antarctic Shackleton Centenary Expedition.

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New timber


These are bespoke cases and crates that can be tailor-made for you. Buy fully assembled or flat packed. Flat packs contain all the fixings needed.


Sawdust and dirt free, strongly constructed with A grade timber, secure and tamper proof.
New cases are manufactured here in the Forest of Dean, please specify if you want heat-treated timber, our heat treated comply with Heat Treated to ISPM 15 Regulations. ISPM 15 stands for International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, this helps protect humans, animals and plants from disease, pests and contaminants. Some wooden crates are high quality refurbishment, others are new locally-sourced timber. These crates are constructed from brand new, locally-sourced timber, they may have slight marks on them due to the natural features of the product.

Enviromental impact:

Reusable and recyclable. These pallets can be used many times over and will often have a very long lifespan being reused over and over again.


Our new cases and crates are manufactured from locally-sourced timber from a well managed forest.
All our pallets, boxes and crates meet EU standards for export and import. We ensure all of our products meet the ISMP15 standard. The ISPM15 standard ensures that all of our pallets are treated to prevent the infestation of termites and other wood damaging infestations.
All of our pallets and timber products are heated to 56 degrees for at least 30 minutes to ensure all insects and larva in the timber are killed off. This officially allows the products to be used to ship goods internationally.
Once a pallet is treated it is stamped with a globally recognised image which allows for more efficient transportation of goods.


Wooden cases and crates are all made to order. They usually have a short lead time. Standard crates can be purchased in our online shop right now. Delivery available to most postcodes or you can collect your order.


Suitable for commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic purposes.

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Large Bespoke Tight-boarded Wooden Crates – huge range of sizes