Steel Oil Tank 2500 litre Single Skin

S2500 Single Skin Steel Oil Tank

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H: 1.22m / 4'
W: 0.61m / 2'
L: 1.83m / 6'


2500 litre / 500 gallon



Comes with:



Green. Other colours available to order.


2mm steel. An excellent quality tank manufactured in UK to a high specification.


Complies fully with current regulations.

Environmental impact:

These tanks are in for the long haul and will serve for many years before finally being recycled at end of use. Long lifespan.


Smaller capacities stocked. Others normally have a short lead time. Can be collected or delivered to many postcodes for free – give us a call to check if you are in a free delivery zone. Free delivery to many postcodes.

Optional Extras:

thicker steel option available
various outlet options including clock gauge
electronic alarms
electronic gauges
remote monitoring
local changeover service available from an OFTEC registered technician.


Up to 80,000 litres available. Bespoke steel tanks can also be manufactured to your specification.
You can have a tank in different colours, standard tank will be green.
Installation: All tanks must be installed in accordance with instructions of manufacturer.
*OFCERT LICENCE is an Oil Industry Technical Certification. All our tanks are made by OFTEC registered manufacturers.
Installation: All tanks must be installed in accordance with prevailing legislation and OFTEC guidelines. The total base of each tank must be fully supported – if in doubt contact OFTEC, the Environment Agency or give us a ring.
Any questions? Phone us.


Single skin steel oil tank – 2500 litre/500 gallon