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Small Water Tanks

These excellent small tanks are manufactured in the UK.
They are available upright or lay flat, in white, green or black.  The white and black versions are made from WRAS* approved material.   They are a stock item and can be despatched same day if you ring before 11am.  Our normal
delivery time is 2 - 4 days, though if you would like a next day delivery we can do so.

For Rainsavers please go here.                

Water Tanks

New Small Baffled Tanks - transportable
Choose from:  Upright or Lay Flat options
White, Green or Black in most capacities
More information
New Jumbo and Super Jumbo Tanks
Choose from:  Slimline/Spacesavers/
Vertical in both potable/non-potable 
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Recycled hard-to-find
1520 litre/330 gallon.
Heavy duty
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Small Water Tanks


See table below
for dimensions.
85 litres/19 gal
Joey Tank
250 litre/55 gal
250 litre/55 gal
With screw top
250 litre/55 gal
Lay Flat
Tanks come
with a vented lid

400 litre/88 gal
400 litre/88 gal
Lay Flat
500 litre/110 gal
500 litre/110 gal
Screw top lid
500 litre/110 gal
Upright in garden

500 litre/110 gal
All-in price
delivered to your
door £289.00.
Buy now
  Ring before
11am for a
same day despatch.
Check stocks on
01594 833308.
Want a Water
Pump?  See below.
650 litre/143 gal
650 litre/143 gal
1000 litre/220 gal
You can call in
and collect too.

Green, black or
white to choose
from in many

Upright or Lay Flat Nickel-plated thread Inside vented lid  Screw top lid Choice of fittings.

Float gauge With a Hozelock tap   With a metal tap Hose spray gun Screw top lid
These tanks are baffled and come with a vented lid plus a threaded nickel-plated brass outlet.  Want your tap at a different height?  You can have your tap fitted anywhere on your tank.  Just let us know when you phone, email, or send us a drawing. These tanks can be customised to your requirements e.g. overflow to drain or a different outlet size.  Various taps and valves available - popular ones are shown.  Tanks can be linked.  Phone before 11am if you want same day despatch or call in and collect.  Check stocks on 01594 833308.
Select your tank from these capacities.   Here you can compare sizes.
Litres/ Gallons Tanks - White (Wh)
Green (Gr) Black (Bl)
Height Width Length
85 / 19 White Joey 50cm/19.75" 31cm/12.25" 60cm/23.75"
250 / 55 Upright - Wh, Gr or Bl 82.5cm/32.5" 32.5cm/12.75" 1.1m/43.5"
  Lay Flat - Wh, Gr or Bl 32.5cm/12.75" 82.5cm/32.5" 1.1m/43.5"
400 / 88 Upright - Wh, Gr or Bl 1.01m/39.75" 36cm/14.25" 1,25m/49.75"
  Lay Flat - Wh, Gr or Bl 36cm/14.25" 1.01m/39.75" 1.25m/49.75"
500 / 110 Upright - Wh, Gr or Bl 92cm/36.25" 62cm/24.5" 1m/39.5"
  Lay Flat - Wh  or  Bl 62cm/24.5" 92cm/36.25" 1m/39.5"
650 / 143 Upright - Wh, Gr or Bl 1.01m/40" 57.5cm/23" 1.25m/49"
  Lay Flat - Wh, Gr or Bl 57.5cm/23" 1.01m/40" 1.25m/49"
1000 / 220 Upright - White  1.24m/49"  59cm/23.25" 1.59m/62.5"
  Lay Flat - White
59cm/23.25 1.24m/49" 1.59m/62.5"
Comes with:  Threaded nickel-plated brass outlet and vented lid.
Material:  New.  Manufactured in UK from quality high grade polyethylene with moulded-in fittings. 
Certifications: White and Black Tanks are made from WRAS approved material*
Manufacturer's warranty (subject to conditions)
Availability: Stock items.  Ready for collection or delivery. If collecting ring to confirm stock levels.
Optional extras: A stainless steel threaded outlet can be fitted.
You can have a tap positioned wherever you would like it.  Give us a call to discuss or, send a drawing of where you would prefer it located. 
Hose spray gun, choice of taps and float gauges.  See our Fittings page.
Tanks can be linked together.
Prices and more information: Give us a call on 01594 833308 and speak to an experienced staff member.  Price List available.
Notes:  1/ Joey tank is not baffled.
2/ The White and Black Baffled Tanks are made from WRAS approved materials* and are
       suitable for water and foodstuffs.
*WRAS is a Water Regulation Advisory Scheme.   Capacities and dimensions are approximate.
For other Water Tanks.    Go here.

Jumbos Slimline  Range of shapes Range of capacities
Super Jumbos

Add a Water Pump  
Pump - 200 litres
per minute. For 
non-industrial use.
6 metre
emersion depth
5 metre head

20mm semi-solids
Suitable for use
with 'grey' water

500 Watts
and 230V


We have access to many other pumps so give us a call to discuss exactly what you need.  Telephone 01594 833308.
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New Water Tanks:
* Small Tanks

These are stock items.

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Our tanks, drums and barrels have featured in films and the theatre. Supplied to:
Jason Bourne, Skyfall, Les Miserablés, Jack the Giant Slayer, World War Z, The Dark Knight and Atonement.
Theatre credits include Bristol Old Vic, London West End Productions, the National Theatre on the South Bank and Cirque du Soleil.

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