Dust Suppression System for IBC Tank

To be used in conjunction with a Schuetz IBC tank.

We have two options available for you – the kit on it’s own or the complete set up with a 1000 litre recycled IBC and the dust suppression system.

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Additional information


Recycled tank with new dust supression kit


1000 litre recycled IBC tank and dust suppression system together
or just the Kit on it's own.

Kit comprises:
an IBC adaptor
a tee piece
2 x lengths of MDPE pipe blanked off with 10 x 8 mm holes pre-drilled either side
clamps and
nuts and bolts to secure.


white tank


Tank manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). All palletised with a galvanised steel frame. Allow for a +/- 3% variation.


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Environmental impact:

These tanks are reusable and recyclable, they can be reused several times before being recycled. at end of use. Long lifespan. Most fittings can be reused.


Kit with a 1000 litre recycled tank or just the Kit on its's own.


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IBC Tank Dust Suppression System for a Schuetz IBC tank.