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IBC tanks - new and recycled - from our extensive stocks

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We are the go-to company in the UK for getting these superb tanks delivered to your workplace quickly. Buy 1 or 100s.
"Due to your excellent service we would like to make yourselves our primary supplier."
Wolverhampton customer on email
Compact tank with a polyethylene pallet.
This 300 litre tank is a new product for our IBC range.
It's a stock item and will be available in our online shop shortly.

300 ltr/66 gal 
L:600mm  W:800  H:1000
300 ltr
L:600mm W:800  H:1000

300 ltr
UN approved
stable and stackable
Plenty of fittings options for all our tanks  
640 ltr/141 gal 
L:1200mm  W:800  H:1000
640 ltr
Adblue/Diesel Station
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640 ltr
640 side view.  Not sure how to measure your outlet? - see short video clip below
Note to HGV Training Providers:
1000 litre IBCs are perfect for complying with HGV training rules.. Ring to discuss. 
820 ltr/180 gal 
Recycled or new

L:1200mm  W:1000 H:1000
All IBCs come with an outlet.
Plenty of connection options.
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We are the specialists for IBC fittings Adaptors and much more to choose from.
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See below for more information.
1000 ltr/220 gal
L:1200mm  W:1000  H:1160
1000 ltr/220 gal
Recycled galvanised
UN number available
These galvanised are fire resistant and earthed,
with frost protection
Galvanised recycled comes with a 150mm screw top lid 1000 ltr/220 gal
IBCs are:
industrial standard HDPE
with next day delivery option
recycled are from trusted suppliers
part of extensive stocks
1000 ltr/220 gal
L:1200mm  W:1000  H:1160
50mm screw top
UN stamped  Y-rated
Food grade for immediate use
Suitable for liquids & chemicals in packing groups II & III.  Same day dispatch when ordered before 11am. Ring 01594 833308 1000 ltr/220 gal
Black, new

L:1200mm  W:1000  H:1160
1000 ltr/220 gal
Black, new
Are you replacing an IBC
tap or outlet? There's a short video clip below.
1000 ltr/220 gal
Anti-static, new

1000 ltr anti-static IBC
For liquids and foodstuffs with low flashpoint
You can link IBCs with our Linking Kit 
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Measuring an IBC outlet can be tricky.  See our short video clip below
1000 ltr/220 gal
new, adblue
Phone 01594 833308 for more information  
Any questions?
Phone 01594 833308 for more information
All our IBCs are stock items and comply with all necessary legislation
Buy 1 or a truckload.
1000 ltr/220 gal
new, anti-static
Galvanised and anti-static Steel galvanised frame and pallet    
UN approved:
Unladen: 290kg
Laden: 1145kg
4 lifting eyes
Bunded diesel IBC fuel station, new
950 ltr/208 gal. Brimful 985 ltr
Corrosion free polyethylene bund
Base:1210mm  H:1160
Galvanised 5mm steel frame.
Secure lockable
steel lid, gas-strut assisted.
Moulded-in trigger nozzle storage.
This Stainless Steel IBC Tank is for use within the food, pharmaceutical, coating and chemical industry.
1000 ltr Stainless Steel IBC, new
L:1350mm W:1350  H:1460
1.5mm minimum thickness
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2" butterfly valve outlet
Pressure relief valve
Lid with clamp closure  
Dust Suppression System
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IBC stand/Tipper frame
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Small and large available IBC Bund
More information
Meets the needs for safe enviromental compliance
Any questions?
Phone 01594 833308 for more information
PVC cover
More info/Buy now
Insulated jacket
More info/Buy now
Rugged cross-laminated polyethylene  Tear, water, fire resistant, anti-toxic, impervious to bacteria.  
IBC heated and insulated Jacket 110 and 240 volt options
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Suitable for 1000 ltr IBC
Heated insulated jacket with thermostat If you want more info ring 01594 833308
IBC Spanner - 150mm
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IBC screw lids
More info/Buy now
Foam hand grippers on spanners
IBC Spanner - 150mm
Ring 01594 833308
With next day delivery option on tanks.
IBC Tanks - all usually available from stock, new are manufactured in UK. 
Comes with:  Standard screw top lid and an outlet.
Standard new or recycled are manufactured from high density food grade polyethylene (HDPE). They are all palletised with a galvanised steel frame. Allow for a +/- 3% variation in tank size.
Environmental impact:
The new polyethylene IBC tanks are reuseable and recyclable. They can be reconditioned and reused several times before being recycled.  Our recycled IBCs are all on at least second use and have been sourced from trusted suppliers.
UN certificates and Statements of Conformity available for new tanks.  Manufacturer's warranty (subject to conditions)
New 1000 litre white IBCs are UN stamped. Y-rated. Suitable for liquids and chemicals in packing groups II and III. High spec and able to take liquids up to a density of 1.9.
New Bunded IBC Diesel Fuel Stations are UN approved: UN 31HH1/Z/
Straight away. Plenty of stocks. Same day dispatch if you order tanks before 11am. Next day delivery available. Most IBCs can transport up to 2 on a pallet. Same day dispatch for fittings ordered before 2pm. If collecting, good idea to phone so we can get your tanks out ready. You can buy one or a truckload. Delivery no problem to most postcodes.
Optional extras:
Vast choice of additional fittings/outlets available - see fittings in our  online shop  Larger lid available on 1000 litre standard tank.
Prices and more info:
Give us a call and speak to an IBC expert or email
Recycled IBCs are sourced from trusted suppliers so you can buy with confidence. We have mostly ex-food product, though can supply tanks for companies who require these tanks for other uses eg ballast.
New white, industrial standard 1000 litre IBCs are available on steel or plastic pallets with a standard or large lid.
New white, standard IBCs are food grade and suitable for immediate use for drinking water, cider etc. Can also be used as emergency tanks eg for milk.
New anti-static IBCs are suitable for liquids and foodstuffs with a low flashpoint.
IIndustrial standard 1000 litre IBCs comply with the rules for HGV training.
There is a short video below to help measure your outlet when requiring fittings.
Capacities and dimensions are approximate. Some IBC tanks and plenty of fittings are available in our online shop
You can phone us on 01594 833308
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Neil shows How to measure an IBC outlet